Our Story


A vision to unite a community through networking

A vision to unite a community through networking, and to persist and believe in translating it to reality, requires a lot of self-belief, patience and perseverance. A perfect example of sowing a seed, taking care of it till it starts to yield.

The dream is now a reality; it’s making waves and expanding by the very moment. “Business By Brahmins” known fondly as BBB, is now a force to reckon with. Though Divided by chapters and regions, united as a community. This networking community gained momentum with like minded professionals coming together; it comes as a boon to many entrepreneurs and professionals, to network and help each other, by pooling and sharing.

BBB has over 400+ entrepreneurs / professionals who are members from varied sectors under its wings and is spreading fast as a business community.

Bidyuth- 2021 Regional meet:

Imbibed with the philosophy of Business, Bonding and Beyond, BBB intends to create a platform, to network, explore and showcase various products and services, by hosting an annual event. This event will not only enable the members to interact with members from other chapters, but will also help them explore and redefine their own boundaries.

The event:

This annual event will be held at Shankaraa Foundation. it comprises of Talks by eminent personalities, seminars, expert panel discussions, conferences, exhibition of products and services, cultural activities and felicitation of achievers.

From the Chairman’s Desk

After the dreadful year 2020 we had due to the pandemic, we all are ushering into the new year 2021. There is light, there is hope in sight for all of us. Post Covid19, there is a surge in economic activity. Most of the businesses are blooming. Even the sectors which we thought will take time to bounce back, are doing exceedingly well in the last few months. Be it automobiles, be it consumer goods, we have seen huge buying. Sectors like Textiles have seen phenomenal increase in business.  There is unprecedented growth. Therefore, if we keep our eyes & ears open, there is no dearth of business opportunities.

BBB is presenting one such opportunity to its members, the Regional Business Meet – BBB BIDYUTH 2021. This meet gives an opportunity to showcase your products, an opportunity to let know the world your services, an opportunity to exhibit your talents. An opportunity to meet, collaborate with your colleagues from other chapters. An opportunity to seek new ideas, expand your business.

This event in Bengaluru, will be amidst green surroundings with fresh air, yet very much within the city. This event will see a pool of achievers, successful businessmen, thinkers, philosophers, investors and other prominent personalities from the community address us, interact with us,  bring out the ‘best businessman’ within us,  explore the ‘giver’ within, us and make us inch towards success.  

BBB Bidyuth 2021 will have many firsts to its credit. This is an event we should participate with family & friends and enjoy both sides of the world – explore the success and spend the weekend joyfully with our dear ones. This is the time we tell the world that we are together in strengthening the community. Let us experience this.    This is an event not to be missed surely.

I am very eager to meet you all at BBB Bidyuth 2021.

Mr. A R  N Murthy
Executive Commitee and Bidyuth 2021


The support we are enjoying within and without is fantastic. On advice of the wise within the organization, the institution has taken the form of a Trust. You are aware that we registered ourselves as such Trust on 5th August, 2019, to ct as ‘head and shoulder’ for all chapters, to assist, guide, support and monitor their engagements. This is not a business body by itself. It works on inclusively and it will work for business promotion and otherwise wellness of each individual in each chapter and community at large. I will work for each individual to grow with togetherness. That is the mantra.

Mr. Ananth Nagaraj
Founder Trustee
BBB Trust(R)

In these times of uncertainties and disruptions posed by COVID, BBB is coming forth to organize its Annual Regional Business Meet to provide a platform for our community to interact, discuss and form relationships to further our community’s as well as our individual interests. It is necessary and potentially rewarding to discuss these situations – of which we are all a part of – and help the community navigate the obstacles and hurdles together. Success through an individual is limited however glamourous it may seem outwardly, true success is only as a community, as a society. This is a golden opportunity for the community to feel as one.

Dr. Subraya B M
BBB Trust(R)

I emphatically state that “BIDYUTH”, Regional Meet 2021, is a unique opportunity for all our BBB members & our community businessmen to harness business in the two day event..With the concept of networking and synergy, we grow leaps & bonds to achieve the event mission: Business, Bonding and Beyond

Mr. Shamsundar Subbarao
BBB Trust(R)